Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche has not ruled out working with Aston Martin
11 October 2010

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche believes some collaboration between his company and Aston Martin could happen.

Plans for Mercedes to supply Aston Martin with engines and possibly platforms for future models were afoot but have come to nothing.

Zetsche told Autocar: “Smaller brands need help with new technology and it’s possible we could do things in the future."

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In 2008, there were reports from well-placed sources in Germany suggesting Mercedes was looking to buy a substantial stake in Aston Martin.

Rumours suggested that Aston and Mercedes could collaborate on a range of ventures, from engine supply to entirely new models.

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11 October 2010

[quote Autocar]Zetsche told Autocar: “Smaller brands need help with new technology..."

Er, like McLaren?

Wasn't one of the driving forces behind the McLaren/Mercedes split the fact that McLaren wanted to do its own sports car range which would clash with Mercedes' own models? Or was it in fact something deeper?

11 October 2010

What was good about Ford's running of Aston Martin was it gave them access to technology they simply couldn't afford to develop themselves. Simple things like an airbag!

Whereever they buy their new technology from, be it engines or platforms, they must ensure that it's a unique on to Aston Martin. For the engine, a different tune or even they have the dry sump version, would be enough and also that it said "Aston Martin" on it and not anything else. Platforms I'm not so bothered about; remember Audi share with Skoda!

11 October 2010

But to look on the bright side: the two could cooperate by rebadging the A-Class and giving it a funny nose in order to provide a logical, in-house next step up - let's call it the Aston Martin Goose - for the AM owner who feels he is ready to move on from his entry-level Cygnet or who really, really, really needs a car in which rear-seat passengers can bring their legs along for the ride.

11 October 2010

[quote WFC Holden]But to look on the bright side: the two could cooperate by rebadging the A-Class and giving it a funny nose in order to provide a logical, in-house next step up - let's call it the Aston Martin Goose [/quote]


11 October 2010

"Smaller brands need help with new tech and its possible we could do things in the future" I expect these will be brands that can have a positive image for mercedes like Aston but not like Lada or perhaps they could do a mutually benificial deal with a small electrical car co.

14 October 2010

think the whole idea is to cut the cost of development by banding 2 heads together and coming out with something better. Jag can't fit the bill of making its own engines so its now in talks with BMW to supply their straight sixes and other engines as the ford contract is nearing to an end. Tata say they will look into making engines for Jag but to be honest i am not sure they can match the engines Jag use now, made by ford, PSA and i presume Jag as well. I would prefer that manufacturers chose to make their own engines and give it the feel that they think fits their own company's moto AGAIN issue of cost and R&D. its where the competition is and makes it all the better to test out a range of cars out before buying. if engine has a part of play in choosing a car then when jag comes out with a new eye catching x-type only to find out it has same deisel engine as the 3-series, rear wheel drive but costs £3000 cheaper than 3-series then who would you go for, german engineg Jag because it reliable and save a lot of money? i think at times it gets to a point where you think what am i getting for my money and would the badge really matter at the end of the day? i guess badge appeal has a part to play sometimes but Skoda have done so well that they knocking VW out of the game and i do wonder why skoda haven't come out with a golf rivalling car, maybe VW know if they do then they will shoot themselves in the foot, as Golf is iconic? a very debatable topic in my opinion.

5 December 2012

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30 December 2012

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