Runflat Tyres Optional on BMW 1 Series?

In Spain and Belgium BMW has announced the RFT's are to become an option on all models apart from 123d and 135i. An interesting u turn but one that will dramatically improve both the ride and traction in the wet and colder weather. Having owned several 1 Series RFT's really spoil the car those that have changed to normal tires report a big improvment in handling, ride and grip.Never mind the cost at £150-£180 for a 17" tire

So maybe just maybe BMW has listened to it's owners or come across something that they have yet to share with us?????????

Hope uk bound 1 Series are going to be the same.

Re: Runflat Tyres Optional on BMW 1 Series?

5 years 43 weeks ago

Not just the one series mate!

I drive a 530i M- SPORT and thought at first OK , maybe BMW have a good reason for RFT'S on a sportier set up, but no, i've never driven a car and thought better slow done i'm not sure its going to go round the corner, they feel like they're going to loose grip even on dry days.I would like to swap to normal tyres even at the expense of having to have a spare in the boot, but as you think your tyres are expensive mine are 18" and to replace them plus a spare wheel i'm looking at maybe £1300 which is just not justfiable finanicially, but comfort wise and confidence wise, well what do you do in a situation like that?.Run flats are win loose situation, if you have a puncture your not unduly delayed and you get it fixed ASAP, ride comfort is reasonable in M-SPORT set up i can't speak for non-sport set-up,and i think its just a sop to say because its a weight saver it makes a diference (it does'nt to most of us), and in a sport model why put on run flats when you want grip, confidence in the product , at least it should be an option from the start! . I would buy another BMW they are good cars, but RFT are just so rubbish !

Peter Cavellini.

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