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I am looking for some information from those more experienced in car market. After many years I am now looking to buy a new family car. Something medium llike an astra or a jeep like such as ford kuga or Nissan Quasqui. However it is impossible to find out on any of there sites what likelt monthly repayments would be. Obviously a deposit would matter however I would like a rough idea before I go and am confronted by sales people. Any tips people can give me for finding out average monthly payments on cars?


Nissan finance

2 years 2 days ago

Nissan finance page


Ford finance page


Now you know such things exist, perhaps you'll be able to find the Astra information all by yourself.




Cue another spam credit

2 years 2 days ago

Cue another spam credit website post from another poster who just happens to be the same poster as the original just with a seperate account.

On the offchance that this is a genuine request, well it's not 'impossible' at all to find monthly repayments. Amost all bank websites have loan calculators, with ability to vary the rates, duration, deposit etc and find out how much you pay. Google some banks.

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