Start your Christmas list for Santa

If you have been good boys and girls you should be started on making your Christmas wish lists ready to send into Santa.

Apart from the usual (always unfulfilled, I must be a fair bit naughty I suppose) DB9 wishes and a fry up cooked by Nigella wearing little more than clingfilm, what will be on your lists?

Here is a more feasible one to consider... 599 euro to go to the Nuerburgring and be driven round by the alluring Sabine Schmitz (aka "I could do that time in a van!") in a Porsche GT3RS, complete with running buffet and a beer afterwards with the team to calm you down. Now if I can just find where the missus has hidden the housekeeping....

Also on my list is an engine remap which I am currently researching.

amazon gift vouchers always welcome too.

Re: Start your Christmas list for Santa

3 years 1 week ago

To all of you wanting to meet him and have some present, or fulfilling some wish, dont forget the Christmas tree!

You must have one, fully decorated, with a bright star on the top.

Its not just a tree!

Its some kind of wave emitter that can be sensed by the Santa's inbuilt SatNav.

Christmas is one special risk

2 years 5 weeks ago

Christmas is one special risk when everyone is in a joyous understanding and wishes the same for everyone around him.  It really feels good when someone gives you a present on this day as apportioning and approval present is a wonderful medium to profile buoyancy all around.

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