I thought you guys ought to know that I received an email earlier from Nick Hossack saying that he has permanently suspended my account as I created a second account and argued with another poster. I created my second account because my first one was due to be activated and it hadn’t been. It was only created to be temporary, as I was expecting to go back to my old one later that day. As for arguing with another poster, wasn’t that what my seven day suspension was for? I did my time for that one. I think he was just looking for an excuse to ban me, like Lesia said in another post. I wish I read his advice before I posted.

Anyway, enough about me – I’m happy to abandon the forum now it’s in the state it is. I used to come here to see car reviews and such as well as socialise, but since the refresh, I only really came on to chat with other users. That’s why I’d like to stay in contact with certain users, even if it means not on this site. I’ve got two of them added as contacts on my PS3, but I’d still like to talk about cars and stuff with them and a few others who I feel I’ve got to know quite well. You guys can keep in contact with me at this email address I created: fidjiautocar@yahoo.co.uk.


I’d like to say goodbye to a few users who I hope will be in contact occasionally in whatever way that may be.

First of all, Moe. The fact that you drive a white Audi and listen to commercialised pop music should mean that I hate you. And yet I don’t. I enjoy chatting with you about cars, music, girls and videogames. And whatever else arises in our off-topic yet great discussions. I might even buy that shoot ‘em up game if I find it going cheap.

Aero, I admire your wise head on young shoulders (you’re the complete opposite of me). I’m genuinely fascinated with your car and love seeing it evolve into a mint condition top spec S40. It’s great to see all the little updates and alterations you make to it and it’s refreshing to see someone of your age modify a car to make it better.

LA, I love your style of writing and I enjoy chatting with you about cars and sometimes not cars! I also love to hear about the adventures you have with the Brabus. You seem like a great guy and I’d be delighted if you, too, keep in touch from time to time.

Prodigy, your interest and knowledge in Rovers and MGs is not only impressive, but very useful, as I am considering buying an MGF as a weekend car after I didn’t enjoy a short spell with an MR2. I like having discussions with you, even if they always end up being related to sex or Westlife. I don’t know how they do when they usually start at the MG6. I hope you get hold of one in the future!

And now we get to the difficult bit. This is someone who I bicker with at any given opportunity and disagree with on absolutely everything. At times, one would be forgiven for believing that we hate each other’s guts. But despite this, I have come to like and respect Lesia as a poster, and I think he seems like a sound bloke.

There are plenty of you I haven’t mentioned, as I am wary of how long I’ve got until I’m locked out, but don’t think that you’re not included. Anyone that I get on with on here, please drop me an email.


This post will probably be deleted, but in the meantime, I hope as many of you as possible read this. And I’m well aware that there will be a couple on here that will take this as an opportunity to insult and provoke me. But this post isn’t aimed at them, so they can go ahead. I have got to know a lot of you quite well, so keep in touch, guys!

Another absolutely bizarre

2 years 24 weeks ago

Another absolutely bizarre moderating decision. There is absolutely no reason for Fidji to get a permanent ban even though, strictly speaking, he broke the rules. Seriously, this is outrageous, you let trolls wander around here at will and then ban a well intentioned long term poster. Are you really trying to alienate all the regulars. This is a decision that needs to be reversed.

And Fidji, same goes for you from my end, too. And I have much respect for you that you can come out and say that after the many times we've crossed swords.

Thanks Lesia. I don't intend

2 years 24 weeks ago

Thanks Lesia. I don't intend to post anywhere other than on this thread right now, as I won't be doing myself any favours. I hope Nick changes his mind, but I'm not getting my hopes up! I just regret getting involved with certain things despite warnings. I wouldn't do the same again if I got another opportunity to post on here.

Please do keep in touch though mate. We may disagree on everything, but you seem like a great guy and it would be a shame to lose contact with you, as well as others.

Lesia - for reasons of user

2 years 24 weeks ago

Lesia - for reasons of user privacy I can't go in to detail. But things are a little bit more complicated than that. I would ask you to please take my word on that.




Senior product manager - autocar.co.uk

Fidji, sorry that you've been

2 years 24 weeks ago

Fidji, sorry that you've been banned too. I grew to like you after our earlier spats! Seems an unusual one, although making a new profile was asking for trouble. Take it easy. Might email you sometime.

Hopefully you will be able re

2 years 24 weeks ago

Hopefully you will be able re appear some time soon, this place will be the poorer without your frequent contributions.

Cheers for now

artill wrote: Hopefully you

2 years 24 weeks ago

artill wrote:

Hopefully you will be able re appear some time soon, this place will be the poorer without your frequent contributions.

Cheers for now

Thanks Artill. I really appreciate that. Feel free to drop me a line whenever you've got nothing else to do. I enjoy your contributions and will miss them as well as many other people's.

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