Feature4 January 2013

The new Maserati Quattroporte is big news for the Italian marque. The car is kick-starting the firm's ambitions to increase sales ten-fold, so the stakes have never been higher. Steve Sutcliffe pitches it against our favourite luxury car, the Jaguar XJ to see which is best.

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6 January 2013

Will the masser be as reliable as the jag. Remember that the jag is trying to aspirer to German standards and the Masser is Italian.

Old Driver

6 January 2013

I'd take the Maserati, but not in that colour or with those hideous alloys. There must be alternative wheels that are slightly easier on the eye.

The Jaguar might be better in some ways but it is simply too ugly.

6 January 2013



not the best of standards to aspire to

they came, they saw, they lolled

11 January 2013

Having had a quattroporte for two years and a GTS for a year I am proud to say that nothing went wrong or needed replacing, just a service.

As good as my Lexus!


7 January 2013


Total Jag sales in the USA in 2012 12,011

Total maserati sales USA 2,730

In comparison,Total Audi sales 139,310





7 January 2013

Loopy, your point that Audi sell more cars in the US then Jaguar is so obvious, there was really no reason in stating that fact as far as I'm concerned.  Jaguar have a three model range (which will go up to five with the Sportbrake & F-type soon to be introduced)  How many cars have Audi got?  As a company, Jaguar are almost a cottage firm in comparison to the sheer size and weight of the German marques.  You may as well say that Sainsbury's sell more groceries then your local franchise corner shops


8 January 2013

loopy wrote:

Total Jag sales in the USA in 2012 12,011

Total maserati sales USA 2,730

In comparison,Total Audi sales 139,310

as sales figures are clearly a mark of superiority, could you remind everyone what the best-selling vehicles are in that bastion of good taste, the US of A?

It's a cheap pick-up truck and a sodding Camry, isn't it.


8 January 2013

What’s happened to the engine noise!!!!!, I’m running the Quattroporte 4.7 GTS for the past 3yrs now and one of the main reasons for my choice was for the beautiful intoxicating Ferrari engine sound, Turbo charging this latest model seems to have muted the engine noise, I’ve been waiting for this review before deciding to place my order, I now know that I will replace my 3yr old GTS with another with the same model before its to late, if not already, and give it 3 years for Maserati to sort it out, just like they did with the first models gearbox.

8 January 2013

"You can't get a bigger, more luxurious four-door car...""

Uh? I can think of at least two or three.

And it's the "fastest four-door production car in the world."

Apart from the obvious British one that's even faster of course...

This chap doesn't seem to know much about cars. Give me his job!

10 January 2013

"...compare it against the best in class."


Good idea.  How does it compare with the Lexus 600h, then?  No?  How about the Audi A8?  Ok, what about the S-Class?


Only in Autocar fantasy-land is the Jag even close to best in class.  Just what is going on over there???


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