Feature22 August 2012

Alex Kersten pitches the Land Rover Defender against a tiny and cheap Suzuki Jimny over a wet, muddy and rutted off-road course. The result isn't as clear cut as you'd think.

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23 August 2012

It's such a cute little off-roader!

27 November 2012

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24 August 2012

The graphics at the beginning of the clip tells us the Defender's on all-terrain tyres and the Jimny on 'standard'. Given how everyone bleats on about what a difference tyres can make I would have thought it only fair for Autocar to put the Jimny on all-terrains too.

24 August 2012

So a 12 grand Suzuki on road tyres can pretty much keep up with the world's `greatest off-roader' on all terrain tyres... terrible backing music!



26 August 2012

Suzuki will rust and fall apart in 5 years, defender will still be running in 30, not exactly a challenging course, dirty water and a few humps and bumps. A defender can tow 3.5 tonnes, how much can the suzuki tow? You can add raised air intake and winch to a defender, raise the suspension, put underbody protection on it.


27 August 2012

I'll never knock Landys ... they are quite capable for the most part. But a Landy fan knocking the reliability of a Jimny .... really? I see a lot more SJ's and Samurai's around than series 3 Landy's. Have you seen how sturdy they build the hinges on the bonnet of a Landy? There is a reason for that. You know what they say about people that live in glass houses.

27 August 2012

I have a Colombian friend who owns a farm in his home land ( not related to drugs B.T.W)

He happened to own an old Jimny (not the same model as in this movie) and a Defender.

He told me that of two, he would rather go around his farm with a Jimny as it was almost as good on off roading as the Defender but 10 times more reliable!

 His last Jimny lasted over 20 years most of the time off roading. It was still a good runner when he sold it.

29 August 2012

5 years? have you ever owned or even driven one. Ours has been in the family for 13 years and 91000 miles now and there's not a spot of rust on it, it's never failed to start, broken down or failed an MOT, nothing has fallen off or broken and apart from servicing consumables it's had 3 sets of brake pads, a set of discs a battery and an exhaust, don't know how much it will tow but it was never marketed as a tow car and you can fit the rest to a Jimny too. It may not be quite as good as Defender off road but it is a lot better on it. 

Cyclists own the road

13 December 2012

RAC commented in 2012 that the Defenders is UK's most unreliable car.

26 August 2012

Are the Suzuki press fleet lending out 2 yr old cars now or was the poor Jimny lent to you by a well meaning owner?


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