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More excitement and refinement for VW's mid-range Golf

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Just how good is the mighty Volkswagen Golf, Europe's best selling car that's now in its seventh generation?

13 January 2009

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13 January 2009

"When viewed from the driver’s seat, the Golf 1.4 TSI is closer to the benchmark Ford Focus than ever."

There's a statement that I'm sure won't please VW, especially as the Focus has been on the market since 2004.

I'm just not convinced by this Mk5.5 version of the Golf, in exactly the same way I wasn't convinced by the last version. Should have stuck to the feeling instead of buying one (Mk5)! I know a lot of people will like this car and it will hold its values well, but I'm sorry to say my money would go else where.



It's all about the twisties........

13 January 2009

How different this test is to the last test of the new Golf,

this one seems underwhelmed with VW's new baby.So we have to ask the question,

is the new Golf brilliant or not? I think its a case of one test being of the top model with all the bells and whistles pulling the wool over the testers eyes.This test is of the model most people will probably buy and its not as good.

Also what happened with the refinement? in all the tests I,ve seen its been the one thing everyones going on about.Could it be the top models have extra sound deadening and laminated glass the lower ones dont??

13 January 2009

As was much commented on in the press early in its design phase this new Golf has come about sooner rather than later for one reason. cheapness.

It takes considerably less time to build the car and will make VW a whole load more cash on each example sold. So well done VW.

it is relevant only to the likes of the motoring press and bloggers if its as good as the Focus as most people who drive Golfs sleepwalk back to the dealer at exchange time.

For what its worth i think it quite handsome but the whole concept is mind numbingly predictable and i could draw you its replacement right now fairly accurately.

13 January 2009

It seems to me that VW have been quite good on parring back the detailed specification as you drop down the range.

This used to be quite common Fords, Renaults, Vauxhalls and many others with anti roll bars, gas dampers, brake diameters and much more all differing significantly from model to model and perhaps this is the real reason VW brought the Mark 6 launch forward? They all look similar from the drivers seat but underneath with the oily bits has there been serious cost cutting?

Contrasts with what has been said about the latest Fiesta, which seems to be well thought of at all levels in the range.

14 January 2009

The reviews that I'm reading seem to waffle on about the great "touchy feely" interior,how it has very good levels of quietness and refinement.I will add my own adjectives.How SIMILAR it looks to the MKV and how the Golf MKVI reviews seem to paint a picture that it's a BORING car!

14 January 2009

"More excitement and refinement for VW's mid-range Golf"

That's the sub heading from the home page. Doesn't really come across in the review, though, does it?

Also what is a lightweight turbocharger? Is that supposed to be a light pressure turbocharger?

14 January 2009

What car also say the interior is perfect??

Quote 'Behind the wheel :Absolutely nothing to fault '??????


30 September 2009

I get fed up reading posts that the Golf is boring or the same old thing or not up to the benchmark Focus, have any of these folk actually DRIVEN a Focus, I have and a couple of different versions,

1.6TDCI LX - extremely slow, noisy, uncomfortable seats, rattly interior, this particular model tore up it's front tyres in 16000 miles

1.8TDCI Titanium - quite punchy, but still noisy, still had a rattly interior and again ripped its front tyres to shreds inside 15000 miles

2.0 Titanium - got to admit pretty quick, but still had the failings of the diesels, like it was put together unlike the Golf which has the feel of being honed from a solid piece of metal

My own Golf a 1.6FSI automatic, soon to be swapped for a 1.4TSI 122 DSG, now has 46000 miles on the clock, still drives a well as the day I drove it out the dealers, no rattles, knocks or clangs, tyres that lasted 26000 miles is 200% the better car of these so called class leaders, Fords!! still the Dagenham Dustbins they always were!!

21 April 2010

I agree with steve.zodiac. I've recently tested a 2.0 TDCI Titanium Powershift, and a Golf 1.4 TSI DSG. The Focus is better handling but does not win in any other category. The VW DSG is brilliant. It operates like a switch - push the lever and it changes gear seemingly instantly. The Powershift on the Ford is not as good. There is a slight delay in the gear change, which makes it feel more like a traditional auto, even though it isn't. The noise from the diesel engine is bad, especially on start up from cold, and this was what made it unacceptable to me. The interior (Titanium spec) was very toy town, with too much shiny chrome, presumably to make it look like quality, but it had the opposite effect on me. I went to the VW garage, tested the Golf and was impressed by the solidity, quietness, DSG, and good power from the engine, whilst still sipping the petrol rather than glugging it. In short I went for an ex demo Golf 1.4 TSI DSG, having expected to buy a Focus.

27 May 2011

I've read various reports in Autocar on the Leon 122 TSI and the Jetta ans it seem there are widely varying returns on the numbers. Does anyone have first hand experience of what they will actually return?

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