• Range Rover has a maximum wading depth of 900mm
  • Headlamps feature a distinctive signature light graphic
  • Vertical rear lamp clusters are a Range Rover trademark
  • Non functioning side vents break up the car's visual bulk
  • Increased ground clearance and wading depth make the Range Rover a highly capable off-roader
  • Interior quality and refinement is very high and a rival to the best luxury cars
  • Electrically adjustable, massaging, heated/cooled seats are standard
  • Rear passengers get their own temperature zone
  • Both tailgate halves are electrically operated as standard
  • Navigation system is the same as fitted to the Jaguar XJ
  • TFT screen displays graphical representations of traditional dials
  • Range Rover SDV8 is claimed to hit 60mph from rest in 6.5 seconds
  • Eight-speed automatic gearbox responds promptly to manual inputs
  • Range Rover's ventilated brakes are particularly strong
  • Diesel motor is impressively muted at a cruise
  • Range Rover's ride is exceptional, both on and off-road
  • Both dive and body roll are well contained and the steering is accurate and linear
  • Variable dampers and air suspension contain and control the the Range Rover's mass
  • The world's most capable all-round car, at a material and economic cost

The Range Rover is so achingly close to being a five-star car that it hurts. And the more time you spend with it, the more you live with it, being eased around the world in what is, without question, one of the finest and most impressive cars we’ve driven in a decade, the easier it becomes to justify.

You can even convince yourself that being the wrong side of two and a half tonnes – and barely the right side of 25mpg – is a small price to pay for its incredible ability.

Matt Prior

Road test editor
The Range Rover is one of the finest and most impressive cars we've driven in a decade

Such is the burden of having the most all-round capable car in the world at your fingertips and beneath your feet. And there’s some truth in that. Being this good at everything comes at a price.

In the end, though, the lingering memory that, for all its aluminium technology, the Range Rover has the weight of a Porsche Cayman over each axle is sufficient to rob it of the ultimate accolade. But don’t let that make you forget what an exceptional car this is.

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