Autocar magazine buyers in the UK this Wednesday will get a free 68-page magazine on the most extreme Skoda ever built - the Skoda Fabia S2000 rally car.

Testing the rally car to the limit, Steve Sutcliffe chases it on a set course in a Noble M600 supercar, with surprising results. Sutcliffe also gets behind the wheel himself on a gravel rally stage, and reports back on what he considers one of the most challenging cars he has ever driven.

Elsewhere, we profile every member of the double Intercontinental Rally Challenge winning team, and discover how the hardcore Fabia is built to withstand the punishment of the rally stages, and how its team of crack mechanics can repair almost everything bar the engine in just 20 minutes.

We also spend a day with championship-winning driver Andreas Mikkelsen, to discover what makes him one of the sport's brightest young stars, and talk to his co-driver Ola Floene about the pacenote system they have created to go faster than anyone else.

Other highlights include a test drive of Skoda's forgotten Le Mans racer and a look back at the Skoda team's championship-winning season.