Porsche’s 918 Spyder is undergoing cold weather testing ahead of the car’s launch next year. The 918’s complex hybrid drivetrain is being pushed hard in the sub zero temperatures as Porsche’s engineers fine tune the charging systems.

The white, Martini-liveried 918 appears to be testing a different cooling set up to the darker car, with blanked off intakes in the front bumper. The large rear spoiler, which automatically raises and lowers, is clearly visible on this car. 

The 918’s exhaust tailpipes are also directly related to the performance of the car’s battery. They exit from the top of the body, directly behind the driver and passenger; this unusual format was designed to improve cooling around the car’s battery, crucial to the longevity and storage capacity. Asa a result, Porsche has had to develop special coatings for the paint that are resistant to staining from the exhaust.

Along with the twin electric motors, the 918 uses a 4.6-litre V8 with 527bhp – combined with the motors, the car can produce 784bhp and 569lb ft.

The 918 enters production in September this year, and the first cars will be delivered at the beginning of 2014. It will cost from £625,400, rising to £683,600 for the Weissach model which cuts the car’s near 1700kg by 35kg by using magnesium, titanium and ceramic components.