Patent applications reveal radical four-door drop-top is still in Porsche's plans
15 March 2010

Porsche's solution to building a four-door convertible version of the Panamera could be revealed in this new sequence of patent drawings obtained by Autocar.

The pictures show a sytem that runs from a permanent fixed central roof section. See the Porsche Panamera convertible gallery, including the patent drawings

Recent comments from Porsche insiders indicated the car had been cancelled, but renewals and fresh patent applications in the United States indicate otherwise.

The new car has a practical four-door body that, without a traditional B-pillar, has required substantial stiffening to the Panamera’s floorpan and bulkheads to ensure sufficient structural rigidity and integrity.

Hilton Holloway blog: Porsche Panamera cabriolet - why?

Bringing a four-door convertible to showrooms is a bold move that carries far higher development costs than a two-door open-top car. But with car makers seeking to establish unique selling points for all their models, it’s one that could provide Porsche with a valuable advantage.

Retaining a four-door layout allows the convertible to offer the same interior space as the saloon, although the boot is likely to be compromised by the need to accommodate the roof. The design of car’s rear end suggests the roof will be a fabric hood.

The Panamera’s windscreen has been altered with greater rake and, as seen on one of the patent drawings from Porsche in-house designer, Grant Larson, it also gains additional supports within the small quarter windows low down on the A-pillar.

While other car makers have considered four-door convertibles, the required stiffening and added weight have often proven stumbling blocks.

But advances in high-strength steel and tailored blanks (sections of steel in varying thicknesses) have reduced costs to a point where they are now being considered as part of new-model plans by many car makers.

Our Verdict

Porsche Panamera
The Porsche Panamera was first launched in 2009 and revamped in 2013

Can the four-door Porsche Panamera still do what’s expected of a Porsche?

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11 March 2010

i just know this car is going to get so much bad press but i really like it and good to see a proper 4 door car getting the convertible treatment

11 March 2010

what an ugly monster this will be... I can imagine from now.....

11 March 2010

It looks a lot better than the saloon on which it's based. But what would it look like with the hood up?

I also wonder if Aston will cut the roof off the Rapide?

11 March 2010

Porsche raising the bar (rather than the roof) yet again. The droptop's not for me, but I DO love the saloon version.

11 March 2010

[quote Autocar]Porsche is still planning to build a four-door convertible version of the Panamera[/quote]

Great stuff, the market has been crying out for a hugely expensive, capable, oddly proportioned car that makes it's occupants look like dictators when they're sat in the back with the roof down.

11 March 2010

[quote VX220EDDIE]i really like it and good to see a proper 4 door car getting the convertible treatment[/quote]

Have to agree, the first pic showing the production ready version - it really works.It looks a lot better than the saloon- the shape just flows better. Its just a shame id never buy a convertible, but i can imagine this car selling well in the South of France, Miami and California .I think the seering heat of the Middle East would probably mean it wouldnt sell too well in the UAE, but it would be funny to see one of these roof down,some sheikh , hareem in tow dressed ninja style hurtling down a freeway in Dubai :p

11 March 2010

Ditch the 2 back doors and it'll be a winner.

11 March 2010

It actually looks quite good in the autocar generated image....

but don't worry... this is Porsche! They'l find a way to make it uglier that you thought could be possible.....

11 March 2010



ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahaah, i cant breathe


11 March 2010

Looks ideal for sitting in the back and being cheuffered around while inspecting ze troops... ;->


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