Star of the Back to the Future trilogy can legally be built thanks to a low-volume production bill

Production of the DeLorean DMC-12 sports car is to recommence after the US federal government approved a low-volume manufacturing bill.

The car will be built by the DeLorean Motor Company, which, despite bearing the same name, is not affiliated with the car’s original manufacturer.

The company was started by US-based British entrepreneur Stephen Wynne in 1995, and has primarily been involved in rebuilding and repairing existing cars. However, now that the new bill has been passed, Wynne’s Houston-based company can build 1982-spec DMC-12s to original specification.

Remembering the DeLorean on Back to the Future Day

There’s no word as to what will power the car, but Wynne is reportedly investigating using upgraded parts in certain areas. The original used a Renault-sourced, rear-mounted V6.

The cars will be produced using stocks of supplies that Wynne predicts should create 300 cars. The first cars are expected to be finished in 2017, priced at less than $100,000 (about £70,000 at current exchange rates).

Although that’s about double the going rate for a good condition used DeLorean in the UK, it is the only opportunity to buy a ‘new’ version of the car that was made famous in the Back to the Future film trilogy.

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28 January 2016

Please dont mention OUR money which the original cost us the tax payer and remains a very sore point to many !!! Trilogy on my nelly - Autocar has a very very short memory. Those 300 cars should be built and the money returned to the investors who lost their shirt or to the tax office who used our money

what's life without imagination

28 January 2016

Stephen Wynne bought the rights fairly so has no obligation to previous investors. If you invest in something you're aware that there is a risk. You're not putting your money into a bank account to be withdrawn at a future point. Regardless, after 30+ years, is it not time to move on...

28 January 2016

I like this as a classic, not sure I'd spend £70k on a new one though. But good luck Mr Wynne!

29 January 2016

It should look like the original. With not just 2 seater 4 seater as options. Wheeler Dealers & For love cars. Bought & re fix the the original Deloreans sold them for a profit. So those know the 2 Mechanic shows. Should how to rebuild classic cars.

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