Mazda has confirmed the rotary engine does still have a future in its line-up, despite production of the current 13B Renesis version having ended last week.

The last rotary-powered Mazda RX-8 was made at Mazda’s Hiroshima plant on Friday, and internet speculation suggested the firm had no plans to re-introduce a rotary engine in a successor to the RX-8 or indeed any other future model.

But Mazda has confirmed to Autocar “the rotary is not dead”, and it was focusing engineering resources on continuing to develop the technology.

“While the majority of the company’s engineering resources are focused on the development of our revolutionary Sky Activ technology, work does continue on the next-generation rotary,” said Mazda.

“Additionally, work continues on the use of fuels other than gasoline, taking advantage of the rotary’s unique ability to operate on multiple fuels without extensive reengineering.”

Autocar understands that one of the developments for the next-generation rotary engine is laser ignition.