Mercedes Ener-G-Force

Big, striking and unmistakably Mercedes sums up the Ener-G-Force. It might have a clumsy name, but its Tonka toy looks could trickle into a number of forthcoming SUVs. If so, the moon buggy addenda will be striped off, leaving a Range Rover rival that will excite fans of the classic Geländewagen.For now the Ener-G-Force, which was entered in this year's Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, remains a hugely impressive, and unmissable, concept.

Smart ForJeremy

The Smart ForJeremy is as far removed as it's possible to be from the Energ-E-Force. American fashion designer, Jeremy Scott has grafted on his firm's trademark wings on to the Fortwo's rear, which double as the most extravagant brake lights ever committed to a car.

The ForJeremy will certainly get LA's fashionistas in a flap, but most hacks at the show couldn't make head nor tail of it. It will certainly go down as one of the most outrageous Smarts ever.

BMW i3 Coupé

Of more relevance was the BMW i3 Coupé; the second of a number of i3 models likely to reach production over the coming years. Lower and wider than the five-door i3 hatch, which will go on sale next year, BMW's design team says it has a more "emotional" look, which will help the firm succeed in the EV market, where others are failing.

The car is based around a carbon structure, which is exceptionally light. Batteries are housed inside the floor and power comes from a motor producing 170bhp and 184lb ft.

Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top

Think part Veloster, part Citroën C3 Pluriel and part Fiat 500C. The Veloster C3 Roll Top is Hyundai injecting pizzazz into the Veloster, while pointing the way to a possible production model. For now, the Roll Top is a concept, which features a fabric roof made from the cover of a curtain side truck trailer that rolls back.

Hyundai says it has been inspired by custom fixed-gear bicycles, hence the bike in the back and different coloured wheels.

Bentley GT3 racer

Although not strictly a concept, the big Bentley is one of the most eagerly awaited race cars in years. Its vast bodywork has been extended to allow for a wider track, while the wing is so big, it wouldn't look out of place in California's other big car show, Sema. Bentley bosses say lessons from the race car programme will filter into road cars.

As for the car pictured here, it is likely to pack 700bhp from its 6.0-litre W12 engine, giving it Ferrari F12 Berlinetta-rivalling pace. Expect to see it at a number of endurance events next year, including Spa 24 Hours.