The biggest upgrade of UK road and transport infrastructure in history has been assured thanks to a £28 billion government plan.

The funding, which includes £500 million to pay for electric and low carbon vehicle development, was announced in June but has now been guaranteed in a government paper.

An additional £12 billion has been set aside to bring some of the UK's worst roads up to standard - half of that money will be used for repair and maintenance. 

After years of sub-standard investment in repairing potholes and damaged road surfaces, the government now aims to have 80 per cent of motorways and A-roads repaired by 2020.

221 extra miles of managed motorways will also be introduced, and important freight routes - like the A14 and M4 - will be widened to four lanes at their busiest sections.

The government has also guaranteed that if there is a change of government the money would be ringfenced.

The Department for Transport also says it is carrying out studies to decide how to improve some of our most notorious traffic hotspots - such as the A303 and A1.

The SMMT has welcomed the move, interim boss Mike Baunton said that the guarantee of £500 million for low carbon vehicle development was: "Excellent news for the UK automotive industry and its position as a global leader for new technological development.

"Government’s £500 million funding and longer-term commitment will provide industry and investors with much needed certainty to research, develop and manufacture the next generation of clean, fuel-efficient vehicles in the UK."