Kia has lost the right to use the name Quoris on its cars in Europe, following a court ruling in favour of Chinese car brand Qoros.

Kia has just launched the Quoris in Korea. At over 5 metres long, the car is the size of a BMW 7-series, has rear-wheel drive and is based on the platform used by the Hyundai Equus.

It’s likely that Qoros is adopting a belt-and-braces approach to protecting its brand, which is aimed squarely at the European market, as Kia has no plans to sell the Quoris in Europe. “It’s not part of our medium term strategy plans for Europe,” said a Kia spokesman.

The ruling comes ahead of Qoros’ European debut at next year’s Geneva motor show, where the brand plans to launch a C-segment saloon before showing the car in China.

Qoros was formed in 2007 as part of a joint venture between Chery and holding company Israel Corporation. It has hired top European designers, such as ex-Mini design boss Gert Hildebrand, and aims to start selling cars by the end of next year.

Dan Stevens