With 50 world and North American debuts at the Detroit motor show this week, choosing our top cars was no mean feat. Our men on the ground deliver their verdict on their favourite cars from the show.

Honda Urban SUV Concept

The perfect combination of practicality and extrovert looks, the baby Honda has all the ingredients to give the company a much-needed shot in the arm around the world. VW's bosses spent so much time poring over its finer details you couldn't help but conclude that they, with their own smaller SUVs on the way, were impressed. Quite right too

Jim Holder, editor

Lincoln MKC

My show star is the Lincoln MKC concept, which uses the underpinnings of the new Ford Kuga, although you wouldn't easily realise it. The car has an elegance rare in SUVs, especially small ones, and it effortlessly carries the latest grille and graphics in a way that makes it look mature and expensive. They say it's heading for production, and no wonder.

Steve Cropley, editor in chief

Volkswagen CrossBlue

You have to hand it to VW. Once it puts its mind to something, it rarely stumbles. The big CrossBlue is a US-specific, family seven-seater that slots straight into one of the five biggest US market sectors, offering impressive space and utility and crisp styling. It can’t miss.

Hilton Holloway, associate editor

Hyundai HCD-14

The Genesis Concept or HCD-14 is once again showing Hyundai's drive to push the brand into the premium market. The HCD-14 showcases the brand’s new design language for its larger models. A production version of the 5.0-litre rear-wheel-drive model will be launched during next year’s Detroit Show.

Stuart Price, photographer

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

This exciting seventh-gen Corvette promises all it should – brash styling, loud performance and the dream of the open road. At least one rival designer was envious of its incredibly low bonnet line and under the skin is a new alloy frame. Magnificent.

Julian Rendell, industry editor

Mercedes-Benz CLA

It wasn’t on public display but Mercedes-Benz previewed its new CLA to the motoring media the night before the show opened its doors. The A-class-based saloon lives up to its baby CLS billing in the metal with eye catching styling that makes every other small saloon suddenly appear very conservative. Like its hatchback sibling, the rear is cramped despite dimensions that see it extend beyond the length of today's C-class. But with a price tag expected to start at around £25,000 in the UK, I can’t see it being anything other than a sales hit in the UK.

Greg Kable, European editor