The proposed Bentley Mulsanne convertible will cost more than £275,000 if it gets the production green light that’s expected later this year.

Outgoing boss Wolfgang Dürheimer called it “a pinnacle car” for Bentley, although sources say it’s nearly two years from production, even 
if a quick decision is made.

A mock-up of the cabrio was shown at the recent Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance to gauge selected customers’ views on interior and exterior finishes and new materials as part of the on-going development process.

The car’s interior could also be made more distinct from that of the Mulsanne saloon.

According to insiders, the cabrio will use the saloon’s unique platform, reduced in wheelbase by around 150mm. It will still be lengthy between the wheels at 3.1m, though, allowing a roomy rear cabin.

The convertible’s windscreen will also be marginally lower. Although it’s expected to share front-end styling with the saloon, it will be unique from the A-pillars rearwards. Lengthy new frameless doors and a fabric roof have been engineered and the rear wings feature a styling flourish closely associated with the 1950s Bentley R Type.

Although the Mulsanne’s classic twin-turbo 6.75-litre V8 engine will initially be the mainstay powerplant, a new V12 (see story, right) could become an option for both cabrio and saloon.

Sources say as many as 
250 Mulsanne convertibles could be made each year, with the US being by far the most important market.