Future Audis could look a lot different to the company’s current offerings, after head of design Wolfgang Egger announced a shift in design strategy.

Advanced technology, long a pillar of the Audi brand, will feature heavily in the new design language, which is designed to provide greater differentiation to the company’s model range.

An advanced preview of this new direction has already been seen in the Audi Crosslane Coupé concept unveiled at September’s Paris Motor Show.

“Good design must always express a vision. We need something new without breaking from tradition,” said Egger.

Interior and exterior design will be brought closer together to provide greater visual cohesion, again showcased on the Crosslane Coupé, which previews what the next generation of Audi Q cars could look like.

Indeed, the Q range will be the first to benefit from this new styling direction, and will receive a new more three-dimensional version of Audi’s trademark trapezoidal grille, which will be a stand-out design feature on the cars.

In addition, Wolfgang Egger’s ‘studio concept’ approach to car design, in which designers are given free reign to explore and share ideas, is proving so effective at its base in Munich, that the philosophy is to be adopted at Audi’s main design studios in Ingolstadt.

Daljinder Nagra