Chris Harris

Why Chris Harris is a perfect fit for Top Gear

Chris Harris is well known among the car community, and thanks to Top Gear he's about to be catapulted onto a far larger stage

by Steve Cropley
11 February 2016
Anything goes
2016 Seat Ateca SUV nose

Why the Seat Ateca must be "unavoidable"

We discover why the timing of the Seat Ateca SUV's launch could not be better

by Mark Tisshaw
10 February 2016
New cars
Indian Auto Expo

Delhi Auto Expo - the most hectic car show on Earth

At India's annual motoring event they prefer hatchbacks to supercars and fist fights to queuing

by Doug Revolta
5 February 2016
Delhi motor show
Car emissions testing

Car emissions: legality vs morality

Should emissions scandal outrage extend beyond the scorn being poured on motor manufacturers?

by Jim Holder
4 February 2016
Renault F1

Renault's F1 launch may start slow, but will quickly hit new heights

Renault isn't just dipping its toes into F1 with the launch of its new team. Instead, it will use the opportunity to grow brand awareness and, crucially, sell cars

by Steve Cropley
3 February 2016
Ford Mustang

Opinion - Ford follows Fiat-Chrysler by dashing away from the humdrum

The tastes of car buyers are changing, and mainstream car manufacturers such as Ford have to react if they want to stay on top

by Hilton Holloway
3 February 2016
Tata Nano

Opinion: what price do you put on life?

The rise of economy cars has sparked tensions over safety

by Jim Holder
3 February 2016

Toyota’s Daihatsu takeover highlights the cheap car dilemma

As Toyota announces its complete acquisition of Daihatsu, what are they really up to?

by Hilton Holloway
29 January 2016

Slow to China, but Renault has acted fast to meet the nation's SUV boom

In just two years the Dongfeng-Renault joint-venture has built a factory from scratch and is now gearing up to meet China's insatiable desire for SUVs

by Matt Burt
1 February 2016
Vauxhall GT Concept

Blog: Vauxhall's long lost sports car - the original GT Concept

Vauxhall's new 2016 concept isn't the first to wear the GT moniker; we remember the almost-forgotten 1960s classic

by Steve Cropley
30 January 2016
Concept Cars


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