Formula 1

Why F1 can afford to be rubbish, occasionally

Marble races at the beach may be more exciting, but there's something in the formula that keeps us watching F1

by Matt Prior
29 April 2016
VW Muller board results AGM

VW: compensation, electric cars, budget cars… and a smoking gun?

Today's VW Group annual results press conference included a surprising admission in the official documents

by Jim Holder
28 April 2016
Shell Gordon Murray Design

Opinion - Shell's eco-car proves there's life yet in the internal combustion engine

Shell, Gordon Murray Design and Geo Technology have collaborated on a clever city car that points towards a potential future for petrol power

by Steve Cropley
26 April 2016
New cars

Stuff regulatory emissions requirements – what about moral ones?

Sections of the car industry are being increasingly exposed as morally inadequate; the only solution is immediate action

by Jim Holder
25 April 2016
Matt Neal, BTCC driver

The law of averages in the BTCC - and why winning doesn't come easy

To conquer the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, drivers must be consistent throughout the entire 30-round series

by Matt James
24 April 2016
Ford Cortina

Why Ford is pushing for a new image

You thought you knew Ford, but now you don't. Why does the global car maker want to renew its brand image?

by Matt Prior
22 April 2016
Real world NOx emissions testing Mitsubishi

What's wrong with the car industry?

Mitsubishi has admitted cheating in fuel economy tests in Japan, while a new survey highlights the discrepancies between lab and real-world emissions testing

by Jim Holder
21 April 2016
Green cars

Used BMW | Life with an £800 executive - part six

Goodbye almost becomes good riddance after selling the Bimmer on proves to be more problematic than predicted

by Rory White
20 April 2016
Anything goes
Jaguar XE

Where are the UK's best driving roads?

A day out in our long-term Jaguar XE means a chance to find some perfect driving roads

by Darren Moss
19 April 2016
Our cars
Seat heritage collection

Opinion: Why a Seat heritage model needs to happen

As Seat gears up for a celebration of its heritage, Jimi Beckwith asks why every manufacturer doesn’t follow suit

by Jimi Beckwith
19 April 2016
New cars


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