Happy birthday to the M27: but is it really finished?

It's forty years since the first cars rolled onto the M27, but was it really meant to run all the way to Cornwall?

by Nigel Donnelly
20 August 2015
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Fast SUVs are becoming mainstream

The Range Rover Sport SVR has shown that performance SUVs can become halo models, so it's only natural that other manufacturers will want a slice of the action

by Jim Holder
20 August 2015
New cars

Bag a plush French barge for a bargain price

No one does big, plush barges like the French. Here are some of the less risky options

by James Ruppert
18 August 2015
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Predicting the automotive future - a practical view

Professor Neville Jackson doesn't need a crystal ball to predict the future trends of motoring - in fact, it's his business to know

by Steve Cropley
18 August 2015
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What's the best way to see Paris? From the back of a DS, of course

Visitors to the French capital can now enjoy a guided tour in a DS 21 – and it's a charming way to see the city

by Jim Holder
17 August 2015
Nick Tandy wields a BriSCA F1 stock car. Photo: Gary Hawkins

Britain’s new Le Mans hero tries a BriSCA F1 stock car

Nick Tandy is a top-level Porsche factory driver, but he's not afraid to roll his sleeves up and get involved with stock car racing

by Matt Burt
14 August 2015

F1 2015: at last, a 'realistic' video game...

Our man ejects FIFA from his PlayStation for the first time in a decade to see what progress has been made in creating a Formula 1 game

by Mark Tisshaw
13 August 2015
F1 2015

It's time to stock up on the cars we love

The Budget moved the road tax goalposts. Here are some cars to enjoy while we still can

by James Ruppert
12 August 2015
Anything goes

Used Jaguar | Life with a £500 luxury barge - part nine

Touch walnut trim, a simple clean of the Jag's (overly) oily bits seems to have cured its growing penchant for off-the-throttle stalling

10 August 2015
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In all, six distinct generations of Transit have been made

Ford Transit - loved by boisterous boys and bank robbers for 50 years

We all have memories of the cars that helped to shape our lives; for me, it's Ford's iconic Transit van

by Steve Cropley
8 August 2015
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