Jaguar XE

Where are the UK's best driving roads?

A day out in our long-term Jaguar XE means a chance to find some perfect driving roads

by Darren Moss
19 April 2016
Our cars
Seat heritage collection

Opinion: Why a Seat heritage model needs to happen

As Seat gears up for a celebration of its heritage, Jimi Beckwith asks why every manufacturer doesn’t follow suit

by Jimi Beckwith
19 April 2016
New cars
Bloodhound rocket cars

How Bloodhound's 1000mph car is inspiring a generation

The team behind the Bloodhound supersonic car have launched a model rocket car competition using the BBC's new Micro:bit computer

by Darren Moss
18 April 2016
Anything goes
Audi R18 Silverstone

Meet the man who drives Audi Sport forward on the race track

Wolfgang Ullrich has overseen each of Audi's famous Le Mans victories but his desire to win in racing remains as strong as ever

by Matt Burt
17 April 2016
Skoda Favorit

Driving the Skoda Favorit, Felicia and Octavia Mk1

Skoda is celebrating 25 years since its merger with the Volkswagen Group and we've driven some of the Czech brand's defining cars from that time

by Hilton Holloway
16 April 2016
New cars
Tesla Model 3

Why petrolheads should welcome the electric car

There’ll always be room for oil burners, so long as they’re used appropriately

by Sam Sheehan
15 April 2016
Green cars

Comment: Could electric motors replicate the combustion engine?

We have the technology to give electric motors some of the characteristics of combustion engines, so why don't we?

by Matt Prior
15 April 2016
Tesla Model S P85D

Five hidden surprises for Tesla owners

From movie references to meeting the team, Tesla is making life interesting for its owners with some in-car surprises

by Autocar
13 April 2016
Anything goes
Green sticker

Is diesel facing a slow death?

The Germans want diesels to clean up their act and the Dutch want to ban them altogether. Is this the end of the road for derv?

by Hilton Holloway
12 April 2016
Carlos Tavares PSA

How PSA Group aims to reinvent the French car-making mindset

The French have an idiosyncratic approach to car making, but the PSA Group is challenging the norm with a great deal of success

by Hilton Holloway
11 April 2016


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