Great Wall

The ‘new normal’ and what it means for China

The Chinese car market continues to grow but at not quite the same pace

by Jim Holder
20 April 2015
Shanghai auto show

Why Mercedes can't wait to launch the GLC in the UK

Don't be fooled by the concept car looks - the GLC Coupe previews something much more significant for Mercedes that's launching this summer

by Andrew Frankel
19 April 2015
Shanghai auto show
Volkswagen e-Up, one of a fleet in Shanghai

Electric scooters rule Shanghai, but electric cars are playing catch-up

The adoption of electric vehicle power is on the rise in China's urban centres, but four wheels still have a lot of work to do to catch up with two

by Matt Burt
19 April 2015
Shanghai auto show
The Super Brand Mall is awash with shops selling Western brands

How China is poised to fundamentally shift Western car culture

Ahead of the Shanghai motor show, it's clear the Chinese love affair with Western brands is set to dictate an increasing number of future cars

by Jim Holder
18 April 2015
Shanghai auto show
Can you guess how much a replacement 21in Audi Q7 alloy wheel costs from a main dealer?

The high cost of modern premium motoring

Parts prices could make today's upmarket cars unaffordable for the ordinary motorist

by Hilton Holloway
15 April 2015
Anything goes
The Volvo XC90 Excellence shows the firm's understanding of the Chinese market

Volvo and the rise of understated success

Volvo's common-sense approach in the global car market is allowing it to stand apart in a shouty marketplace

by Jim Holder
15 April 2015
Motor shows
Plato's puncture pitched him into Paddock Hill pebbles

What we learned from the British Touring Car Championship opener

The Dunlop MSA BTCC blasted into action at Brands Hatch on Sunday, but the only certainty for the year ahead is uncertainty

9 April 2015

Radical SR1 Cup race diary: is it too soon to quit the day job?

A first (semi) competitive outing in the Radial SR1 Cup results in two trophies

by Mark Tisshaw
8 April 2015
Seat's 20V20 was revealed at the Geneva motor show in March

Polarising cars - get ready to love them or hate them

It's rare to see so many new cars that will have a Marmite relationship with customers. But love them or not, they're grabbing headlines everywhere

by Matt Burt
8 April 2015
New cars
James can't be the only one addicted to popping the bonnet

I'm addicted to looking under the bonnet

It used to be commonplace to check your car's vital signs once a week - but not any more, it seems

by James Ruppert
7 April 2015
New cars


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