This time last year I was putting the finishing touches to launching a new brand of car. No really I was. It may only have involved putting a badge on what someone else had built and bringing them over in containers, but that would have been good enough for me. Obviously, nothing came of it, because I’m still here writing nonsense, rather than berating Autocar for trashing one of my inadequate, badly finished and frankly dangerous products in their road test. It’s a long story and I may well bore everyone by writing a book about it one day.

Only this week I notice that the Qoros car brand will launch in Geneva next year. Meanwhile Stateside, Suzuki is no more. Clearly there isn’t a demand for well made hatchbacks and 4x4s. Which all begs this week’s question, are there too many makes of car?

In some respects there can never be enough and the world is a richer place because of Radical, Aerial, Westfield and Morgan. As for Perodua? No one would miss them if they packed their bags and cleared off. Ford? Makes very good cars but no one likes the badge anymore and would rather have a low spec 1 Series than a full house Titanium Mondeo. All Ford needs is to rebrand. I might buy a Mustang Mondeo or a Thunderbird Fiesta.

So the question is, who would you kill off? Who would you rebrand, and for a bit of fun what would your company make and what would it be called?