Used Jaguar | Life with a £500 luxury barge - part eight

Promised cosmetic work has been put on hold while more pressing matters are seen to. Okay, it won't start…

by Rory White
6 July 2015
Anything goes

Aston Martin, F1, Red Bull and Mercedes – why we put them together

How the story of Aston Martin, Mercedes and Red Bull developed over the British Grand Prix weekend

by Jim Holder
6 July 2015
Renault Formula 1
Renault supplies Formula 1 engines to Red Bull and Toro Rosso (pictured)

Renault is at a crossroads in Formula 1

The French manufacturer is under the cosh in grand prix racing, and trying to decide whether to ramp up its involvement or to withdraw completely

by Matt Burt
3 July 2015
F1 2015

Why a used TVR is worth the risk

These British sports cars deliver a big bang for your buck. They just need TLC

by James Ruppert
1 July 2015
Anything goes
50 years of Alpina
Alpina's take on the E34 5 Series. How would it have treated the S-type?

When Jaguar tried to buy Alpina

Alpina's 50th birthday has brought out plenty of old secrets - including an offer that could have seen hot Jaguars developed in Bavaria

by John McIlroy
1 July 2015
UK automotive industry turned over a record £69.5 billion in 2014

The British car industry: good news, bad news – and a solution

The British automotive industry is booming, but potential problems lie ahead

by Jim Holder
30 June 2015

An ode to the brilliance of the HANS device

The HANS device will be compulsory in practically every form of motorsport from 2016, and that is a very good thing indeed

by Mark Tisshaw
24 June 2015

Morgan's Aero 8 shows the majesty of Goodwood

We ride shotgun in Morgan's new Aero 8, a car that seems especially suited to Lord March's annual garden party

by Julian Rendell
29 June 2015
Goodwood Festival of Speed

Jaguar's F-Type at Goodwood - Bloodhound SSC's chase car

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed Jaguar revealed a modified F-Type that will be tasked with keeping pace with the 1000mph Bloodhound car - and we've driven it

by Andrew Frankel
29 June 2015
Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Audi A4's build quality blitz

The new Audi A4 comes over as calmly confident inside, with a fantastic attention to detail says Hilton Holloway

by Hilton Holloway
28 June 2015
Anything goes


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