Industry leaders come together to protect diesel cars

Blameless diesels need better friends

The motor industry should be applauded for reaching strict emissions targets early, but the anti-diesel rhetoric needs to end

by Steve Cropley
11 March 2015
The Aston Martin DBX concept was created to 'defy conventional thinking'

Why Aston Martin is firmly back in the race

The DBX concept shows how Aston Martin has been reinvigorated, thanks to the bold thinking of its new boss Andy Palmer

by Jim Holder
11 March 2015
New cars

Life with a £500 luxury barge - part four

The greatest skill when running a £500 luxury car is knowing when to stop spending

by Rory White
9 March 2015
Anything goes
Honda Accord

Used Hondas - the no-brainer purchase

Supreme reliability and eminently practical - a used Honda is just about the best bargain purchase you can make

by James Ruppert
9 March 2015
New cars
The new Volvo XC90, soon to come with a personal assistant on the end of a phone

Volvo's plan to bring a GP into your car

Volvo plans to have a person on the end of a phone to advise you on your car, including how to get out of snow drifts, hopefully...

by Richard Bremner
9 March 2015
Geneva motor show
The QX30 is the sister car to Infiniti's Q30 hatchback

Infiniti is aiming young with its QX30 crossover

Despite the average age of premium car buyers still being high, Infiniti says there are young, affluent customers who are ready to embrace new products

by Richard Bremner
6 March 2015
New cars

Was the Peugeot 406 coupe really a rejected Ferrari design?

The boss of the famous Italian styling house Pininfarina gives us the inside story on the source of the Peugeot's sleek looks

by Lewis Kingston
5 March 2015
Geneva motor show
Citroën's DS brand will now become a stand-alone global business

Why DS stands every chance of making it in the UK

Citroën's now stand-alone DS brand faces a tough challenge if it is to break into the UK market, but its product offering and positioning seem spot on

by Darren Moss
17 February 2015
Geneva motor show
The underpinnings of the new Volvo XC90 T8 are on display in Geneva

Is there a limit to the Geneva technofest?

The Volvo XC90's T8 engine is certainly impressive, but is it the best option?

by Hilton Holloway
5 March 2015
Geneva motor show
Lexus LF-SA concept
The LF-SA is an extreme example of how Lexus could build a baby model

Lexus's concept has the right idea

A new baby model could be just the ticket as Toyota's premium arm starts a fresh push to make inroads in Europe

by John McIlroy
4 March 2015
Geneva motor show


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