Used BMW | Life with an £800 executive - part three

Battery issue solved, it's time to attend to other areas. Next up it's oil, filter and spark plug changes, along with some less, er, distinctive alloy wheels

by Rory White
7 January 2016
Anything goes
Car auction

How car makers are changing the way we'll buy cars

At the Consumer Electronics Show, car makers are starting to show how they'll adopt flexible ownership models

by Darren Moss
5 January 2016
Buying a Renault Zoe

Owning a Renault Zoe: brief disaster and then double delight

After an early hiccup, the Renault Zoe is proving to be the perfect car

by Jim Holder
3 January 2016
Our cars
Fiat Tipo

Has the Fiat Tipo found a new niche?

For years, manufacturers have struggled to make a profit with C-segment cars in the fleet market, but Fiat's Tipo could be about to buck the trend

by Hilton Holloway
3 January 2016
New cars
Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche Cayman GT4 - my best car of 2015

I don't care that I haven't driven the Ferrari 488, because I've found motoring nirvana with Porsche's hottest Cayman

by Will Nightingale
3 January 2016
New cars
Tesla Model S P85 D

Tesla Model S P85D - my best car of 2015

I've become a convert to electric motoring in 2015, and it's all thanks to the sporty Tesla

by John Howell
2 January 2016
New cars
Audi RS7 Piloted Driving concept

Experiencing three types of autonomous driving in three weeks

Chances are that a computer is already running parts of your car for you, but the next step is to let it take over - and the technology is already here

by Hilton Holloway
1 January 2016
Cadillac ATS-V Coupé

Cadillac ATS-V Coupé - my best car of 2015

Brilliant engineering, superb performance and an endearing, playful character ensure the ATS-V is one car from 2015 that I won't forget

by Lewis Kingston
1 January 2016
New cars
Suzuki Celerio rear

Suzuki Celerio - my best car of 2015

After an inauspicious start, the Celerio proved itself to be an extremely capable companion

by Jim Holder
31 December 2015
Steve Cropley

My best moments of 2015 - Steve Cropley's year in cars

From Bond's new Aston Martin, to Gordon Murray's take on the future of the sports car, 2015 has provided some truly memorable moments

by Steve Cropley
31 December 2015


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