The Peugeot 208 GTi 30th Anniversary edition gets 205bhp from its four-cylinder 1.6-litre turbocharged engine

Peugeot's 208 GTi 30th Anniversary special honours a legend

Peugeot's hot new 208 GTi 30th Anniversary special acts as a homage to the triumphant original, but does it live up to expectations?

by Mark Pearson
27 March 2015
New cars
The Austin Princess with designer Harris Mann

A wedge of 40-year-old history: celebrating the Austin Princess

On March 26, 1975, the 18-22 Series - or Princess as it became known - was born. Today, its birthday was celebrated by owners and the car's designer

by Richard Bremner
26 March 2015
Anything goes
Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond also fronted the Top Gear Live shows

Jeremy Clarkson is gone. Can Top Gear ever be the same?

The BBC has confirmed Jeremy Clarkson's contract won't be renewed at the end of this month. What now for Top Gear?

by Jim Holder
23 March 2015
Anything goes
The E10 is the first car to come from Zenos, but won't be the last

Why Zenos is well on track to success

So often niche car makers fall by the wayside, but the team at Zenos Cars have all the ingredients to do well

by Jim Holder
25 March 2015
New cars

Life with a £500 luxury barge - part five

Jag's trip to the workshop turns out to be a £10 transformation

by Rory White
24 March 2015
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Volvo C30

Top Volvos are used bargains

From the robust XC90 to the sporty T5 R, the Swedish giant has led the way in creating safe, practical cars. Here are some of its best creations

by James Ruppert
23 March 2015
Anything goes
BMW's premium position has been built up over decades, but the company's profit margins show why premium pays

The death of the middle market could trigger a premium re-birth

Rumours that a Asian carmaker may buy up a 'premium' brand is proof mass-market brands are in serious trouble

by Hilton Holloway
20 March 2015
Cars like the Delta, a rebadged Lancia, were the final straw for Chrysler in the UK

Sorry Chrysler - but good riddance

Chryslers will no longer be sold in the UK by 2017, but our man can't wait to see the back of them after decades of shoddy cars and mismanagement

by Steve Cropley
17 March 2015
Saab 9-3 Convertible

Missing Saab? You only need to look in the classifieds

There might not be any new Saabs around at the moment, but you only need open up the classifieds to find a pool of used examples on your doorstep

by James Ruppert
16 March 2015
Used car buying guides

To buy or not to buy? A 1999 Mercedes C43 AMG Estate for £3500

Affordable high-performance estate, or a terrible bank-breaking mistake?

by Lewis Kingston
13 March 2015


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