Britain is currently displaying its annual inability to cope with snow, with flight, train and bus cancellations, road closures and end-of-the-world hysteria from the 24-hour news channels.

With the advice being not to travel unless absolutely necessary (surely every journey is absolutely necessary?), schools and offices have closed down, because people can’t make it in.

So there are a lot of people left with a ‘snow day’ at home to fill. And how to fill it?

Well, in the case of one 11-year-old Norfolk schoolboy, you don’t bother getting cold making snowmen, you start researching what car you fancy owing when the magical age of 17 arrives.

Car nut Freddie Dixon hasn’t set his eyes on any old Nissan Micra though; he quite likes the look of the Ferrari California (not an FF, which would work somewhat better in these conditions with four-wheel drive and a roof).

He found a £170,000 example for sale at the Dick Lovett dealership in Swindon and promptly submitted an online enquiry for one, even asking if it was available with a diesel.

The Dick Lovett dealer, professional throughout, heard a faint ringing of alarm bells at this point, but dealt with the enquiry anyway as there are plenty of people out there who want a Ferrari but don’t really know what kind or what they’re all about.

A message was left on the Dixon household’s phone following up the enquiry, which was picked up by Freddie’s father, a rather shocked Mark Dixon, when he got back from work.

The dealer took it all in good humour though as it quickly became apparent when Mark called back that Freddie’s pocket money wouldn’t stretch as far as a California, and he had had a ‘Ferris Bueller moment’.

And with Freddie’s 12th birthday being next week, they’re even going to send him a card and a brochure for him to do the sums about how much pocket money needs to be saved for his California enquiry to turn into an order.

All's well that ends well, then, but chancing your arm at buying a Ferrari sounds a pretty good way to spend a snow day to me.